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Confirmed Invited Speakers

Preliminary titleInvited speakerInstitution
Cherenkov dosimetryRongxiao ZhangDartmouth
Scintillation dosimetrySam BeddarMD Andersen Cancer Center
EPID exit dosimetry and 3D dose reconstruction - New developments and applications Boyd McCurdyUManitoba
Gel dosimetry: MRIYves De DeeneMacquarie University
Gel dosimetry: Optical readingSimon DoranCRUK Cancer Imaging Centre
CT and CBCT imaging of gel dosimeters: a review of the state of the art and avenues for future researchMichelle HiltsUBC - Okanagan
End-to-End QA John SchreinerQueen’s University
Evolution of 3D X-Ray Dose Computation Algorithms Jerry BattistaWestern University
Small animal platrform dosimetry (including mini/microGrid dosimetry)Magdalena BazalovaUniversity of Victoria
Applied non std dosimetry (Hydrated electron, clinical calorimetry, ...) Shirin EngerMcGill
FLASH and the associated dosimetric challengesSofie CebergLund University
MR-Linac dosimetry: current approaches and challengesArman SarfehniaOdette Cancer Centre
Proton DosimetryGeoffrey IbbottMD Andersen Cancer Center